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ISO 9001 - about the standard

BS EN ISO 9001:2008 what does it mean? Well to give it its full title take a look below:

BS = British Standard,
EN = Norme Européenne /Europäische Norm, (European Standard)
ISO = International Organisation for Standardisation,
9001 = The standard's number e.g 9001
2008 = date of publication and revision year e.g. 2008)

So what is ISO 9001:2008 ?

ISO 9001:2008 is principally a world wide recognised set of rules which companies implement with the aim of enhancing product or service quality within their organisation.

ISO 9001:2008 forms part of a family of ISO 9000 standards, documents and guidelines; there are currently over 20 documents in total, with new or revised documents being added all the time to inform and increase companies' understanding of requirements and continually improve their business models.

In November 2008, the International Organisation for Standardisation introduced a revised set of Quality Management standards based on a process model. The new emphasis within the documents focused on Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement within your business.

ISO 9001:2008 is predominately based on 4 key documents:
1. ISO 9000:2005     Quality Management Systems - Fundamentals and Vocabulary
2. ISO 9001:2008     Quality Management Systems - Requirements
3. ISO 9004:2009     Quality Management Systems - Guidelines for Performance Improvement
4. ISO 19011:2011   Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems
Where can I find these standards?
To purchase copies of the above standards please follow the links below:
1.    Your National Standards Body:
2.    From the International Organisation for Standardisation:

Further information about ISO 9001 and related standards?
To find further information about ISO 9001 and related standards follow the links below:
1.    The United Kingdom Accreditation Service:
2.    Your National Standards Body:
3.    From the International Organisation for Standardisation:

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